1/2016 Clean Cut


Own production
work in progress – 15/1/2016/NoD/Prague

This performance deals with the big changes in our lives and the universal principle of letting go. We would like to show the period of nothingness between the end and the beginning of the process of change. We don't feel it as two separate states, but two separate aspects of one state. We focus on a situation, where someone consciously decides to change and they have stopped living by habits from their past. He doesn't know his new direction, because the change has only just started and he hasn't fully discovered his new personality yet. Clean Cut is an AV project that combines dance with DJ and visual projections.

Creative team:
Jana Vrána / direction and dance
Dj Alyaz / music
Vj Tomáš Vavříček / projection
Renee le Petit / make -up
Jiří Mezera / attributes
Radek Joachimsthaler / visual

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