Jana Vrána

Dancer – Choreographer – Performer – Lector of Dance and Pilates.

Currently lives, creates and works in New York.

Jana was born in Jihlava. In her childhood she represented the Czech Republic in acrobatic Rock & Roll and won the Czech and World Championship.

Jana graduated from the Duncan Centre Conservatory in Prague. While still a student of the Conservatory, she received a prize at the New Europe International Choreographic Competition. She spent part of her Conservatory studies at the Institut del Theatre in Barcelona.

She focuses on her own productions where she combines dance with new mediums and explores the diverse facets of dance expression as well as everyday physical experiences (BLACK&WHITE–2017, Resolution–2016, Clean Cut–2015, Electra–2013, Sphinx–2011, Magnet–2009, Bees–2006, Catharsis–2004).

She also works as a dancer and model for photographers, musicians, designers and filmmakers. She regularly collaborates with directors, choreographers and artists on shows and visual installations. Previous collaborators have included Robert Wilson, Fredrik Bond, Brothers Formans, David Radok, Vladimír 518, Daniel Špinar, Loser(s), Cinema Royal, Lunchmeat, End Of The Weak NYC, School of Visual Arts NYC, Finn Tylor, Pio Squad, Designblock, Shooting Fashion Stars, MBPFW




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