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17th theatre session opening
17/10/2017 PONEC-Theater for dance
Photo: Michal Hančovský

A dance-visual performance which reveals and intensifies the two conflicting types of energy living inside every one of us. The female and male principles, their seeming separation and at the same time their full unification.
„We have set as our objective to reject the confusing illusion of duality. Because we are sure that white and black are two colors of absolutely equal value, and are essential for our life“.

Idea, direction and dance: Jana Vrána
Costumes and muah: Renee Vidourková
Light design: Pavel Kotlík
Light symbol and sound: Michal Sýkora
Music: Mike Trafik
Vocals: Martin Příhoda, Filip Konvalinka
Synthesizer: Evžen Dvořák
Project curator and production: Honza Malík
Photo of the visual: Petr Zbrojka
Graphic design: Jana Baladová
Producer: Prague Pride z.s. association

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